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Holman Rotation Head


Holman Rotation Head Image

Large Rotation head.

First things first, no I don’t know what motor would turn it or what flow it would need. No I don’t know what torque it would put out. No I don’t know if it will fit your mates drill mast. If I knew these things I would put a motor on it and be asking a lot lot more! But it’s been in dry storage for 10 years and I want to win some space back so its going cheap.

What I do know is it’s an unused rotation head possibly off a Holman RBH rig. The input shaft going into the head is a 2 inch splined shaft. The output shaft is a tapered 3 1/2 inch female possibly API. On the back of the head is an attachment point for a through head flushing.

Dimensions are 75cm wide between the mount points x 55cm deep and 60cm tall. Not sure on the weight probably around 70kg.

Contact for further information and more photos.

Vat to be added to the final sale price.