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Sales Catalogue

Sales Catalogue

Secoma Quasar 12


Overhauled Price: £48,000 + VAT

Price as is: £15,000 + VAT

1 available

Narrow vein electro hydraulic drill jumbo

Current condition:

Ex mine running

One Hydraulic pump needs attention and cable reel need attention.

Manuals present

Year of manufacture 1991

Number 2639

Operating Weight 8400kg

Boom B14F Rollover Boom no extension

Number 80145492 Order 103.0191

Feed CC250 6EVG 1.5m rod hydraulic clamp

Number 80417752 Order 394.0191

Operating Hours

Electric 5663

Diesel 1330

Rockdrill hydrastar 200 – no serial number

DC Voltage 24 volts

A/C voltage 415

Kidde Fire suppression

Cable reel 90N5410303

Length 9m

Width 1.2m

Height 2m

Tyres 8.25 – 3 x Tyre fill, 1 pneumatic