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Sales Catalogue

Sales Catalogue

Lightweight Auger Drilling System


To suit 5T excavator or bigger.

03/16 Manufacture Conformity 16/01/2017

Attaches to excavator quick hitch with manual swing dump clamp to get correct direction for drilling. Weight 335kg including controls.

Uses 41/51mm auger drilling systems with 1.5m extensions.

Fitted with flushing system for through flush if required.

CE marked and fitted with interlocking guard.

Controls operated by external 110v supply or by 12v supply from excavator.

Hydraulic supply – quick couplings from excavator breaker lines.

Drilling capacity 12 metres plus dependant on ground conditions.

Instructions and service/parts manual available.

Suitable augers and bits available.

Fully overhauled and checked.

PRICE: £ 18,320 + VAT ex works

RENTAL: Mobilisation £250 + VAT

Delivery at cost

Weekly – £400 + VAT (minimum 3 weeks hire)

Collection at cost

Damage charged to client