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Tamrock Drifter Feed.

Tamrock L400/L550 pneumatic feeds. We have a selection for L400 feeds for rental. The L440/550 is a very reliable robust pneumatic drifter requiring very little serving making it ideal for working in tough conditions. These feeds can be supplied with a mounting options to fit them to diggers, telehandlers scaffolds etc. Various lengths of feed available  up to 3m travel. Steels and Rods are also available. Guarding options can be made to suit most applications.

Holman DTH Pneumatic Feed

Holman DTH pneumatic feed set up for 1.5m tubes with controls. This feed can be stripped down into its component parts and then be reassembled easily. Making it ideal for drilling in restricted areas i.e underground, inside buildings and on scaffolds. Drill string and hammers to suit are also available.

Portreath Rock Bolting

  Drillserve undertook a small scale rock bolting job in Portreath for the builder Paul Lord to secure a rock face on two sides of a site that a new house is being built on.¬† Drillling was done with our Tamrock Command with the top row of holes well within the reach of the machine.

Non Explosive Rock Removal Sennen

We recently used expansive cement to remove an outcrop of rock from behind and to the side of a house in Sennen. The rock was being removed to make way for an extension and because of the location it was not practical to use a drill rig so the drilling was done by hand over several visits.